Contribute to the WoPoss corpus

WoPoss offers you the possibility to contribute to the setting up and improvement of the corpus. There are two ways in which you can contribute: correcting the automatic annotation of the non-modal passages or providing the annotation of modal passages. Your important contribution will be recognised in the file description (i.e., in a citable way).

If you want to contribute by correcting the automatic annotation, you need first to create a GitHub account, then to write to the PI, Francesca Dell'Oro ( She will give you access to files that need to be corrected and she will give you some useful information on how to carry out corrections as well.

If you want to try to annotate modal passages, contact the PI in order to have a new account created for you in Inception, our annotation platform.

In the meanwhile, you can read this useful paper which explain the WoPoss workflow and give you a taste of the annotation process of annotating modality:

  • Dell’Oro, Francesca; Bermúdez Sabel, Helena; Marongiu, Paola (2020). “Implemented to be shared: the WoPoss annotation of semantic modality in a Latin diachronic corpus”. Sharing the Experience: Workflows for the Digital Humanities. Proceedings of the DARIAH-CH Workshop 2019. December 5-6, 2019. Neuchâtel, Switzerland. DOI